Census Jobs

The Census Bureau is hiring in Westchester. Apply, and with one application, you may be considered for several positions, including census taker, recruiting assistant, office clerk, and supervisory staff—and help your community while getting paid. Multilingual individuals are in high demand in Westchester. Online application is available in English and Spanish.

Can non-citizens be hired to work on the 2020 Census?

Bilingual applicants are needed and are encouraged to apply.

Here’s the information you’ll need to provide to get started:
* Social Security number
* Home address (physical location and mailing address)
* Email address and phone number
* Date and place of birth

If you do not provide the required information, your application will not be considered.

Consistent with law, the Census Bureau will hire non-citizen translators as census takers who are legally entitled to work in the U.S. on an as-needed-basis during 2020 peak field operations, if there are no available citizens who can be hired with the necessary non-English language skills. As a point of reference, during the 2010 Census more than 700,000 people were hired to conduct the census and less than 4,000 non-citizen translators were hired. Census Bureau recruiting and hiring systems will be updated consistent with this approach.